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Medical Training • Nha Trang Hospital

The 1,000 bed Nha Trang Hospital serves over one million people in Khanh Hoa Province.  In recent years significant improvements have been made with the addition of a new high-rise structure and the remodeling of the old hospital building.

The Most Crucial Need
UniReach’s volunteer staff paid numerous visits to the hospital. They were impressed by the character and skill of the doctors and nurses.
The hospital serves as a “teaching hospital,” regularly bringing medical practitioners in from the towns and villages for training. Close personal relationships have been established with the doctors and hospital administrators. Our respect for them has grown, as has their trust toward us.
We asked the Vietnamese doctors, “What are your most crucial needs?” Our pens were poised to list desperately needed equipment. Their answer surprised us. “Our greatest need is knowledge,” they said, “We need equipment but most important we need to know how to use the equipment.”

Bringing the Gift of Knowledge
In November of 2003, Dr. Steve Sparks from the University of California at San Diego led a team of four Doctors to Nha Trang. They trained a corps of Vietnamese doctors in laparoscopic surgery. Training included lectures, demonstration surgeries and supervision of the Vietnamese doctors as they performed surgery. It was the first time in their experience that foreign doctors allowed them to perform the operation while being coached by them.
The Minister of Health traveled from Hanoi to Nha Trang to personally deliver an official document thanking UniReach and its team of doctors.

And Equipment
Here's the beautiful part! The UniReach volunteer doctors brought $100,000 worth of surgical equipment, leaving it with doctors and nurses now trained in how to use it.

Additional Knowledge Areas
In December 2003, a team of five visited the Khanh Hoa Provincial Hospital in Nha Trang providing training in gynecology; pre-natal, birthing and post-natal care.

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