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Education for Handicapped Children

The Need
• 2,000,000 Vietnamese children under 15 years of age are disabled
• 540,000 suffer movement disabilities, many from polio
• 370,000 suffer sensory disabilities like blindness and deafness
• 551,000 suffer mental disabilities and disorders

Classrooms and Dormitories
In 2002, the Hanoi Relief Association for Handicapped Children requested UniReach’s help in building a new school for the Soc Son School District on the outskirts of Hanoi. UniReach raised more than $60,000 to help fund construction at the school. In June of 2004 UniReach brought a team of people to assist in the construction of two classroom buildings (totaling six classrooms) and a toilet facility for the children at the Soc Son School.  For more details, click on this link.

But it is not about the money, bricks, cement or glass. The building is not “The Thing.” It’s about the children. Children like these, realizing the fullest of their potential thanks to their dedicated Vietnamese teachers and thanks to caring Americans like you who change their “world” with the gift of classrooms, dormitories and clinics.

Teacher Training
Caring, dedicated teachers and aids staff the schools created and operated by the volunteer staff of the Hanoi Relief Association for Handicapped children. Their training, however, is limited and intermittent. They faithfully and effectively apply the principles and techniques they know, but in recent years many new and more effective concepts and approaches have emerged. The Relief Association teachers and staff are eager to learn and employ these more recent techniques.
UniReach has entered into partnership with two organizations that possesses substantial human resources in this area. An assessment of the teachers’ current knowledge is being conducted. The assessment will help establish a baseline of knowledge from which customized curriculum will be created. UniReach and its partner organizations are continually recruiting people with expertise in special education to participate in this training.
Training takes place at the Soc Son School, the Hope Center in Hanoi and at the School of Education at the University of Hanoi.  An ongoing teacher-to-teacher training program has been established between St. John’s School and the teachers at Soc Son and the Hope Center.  The first exchange that involves bringing teachers from Vietnam to the United States will take place in December of 2007.




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