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Playground Construction Project
Chau O Town, Quang Ngai Province

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Completed in June 2008, the positive effects of this project are still evident today in the community.

About an hour and a half from Da Nang, in Quang Ngai Province is a small, poor town called Chau O.  Just minutes from the site of the Mi Lai massacre, the memory of that great tragedy of thirty years ago still lives.  In June 2008 a team of workers from UniReach International and Kids Around the World arrived in Chau O determined to leave a new legacy in this place.

The playground is strategically located in the heart of the village and adjacent to the public school complex that serves more than 1800 students (about 250 in preschool, nearly 500 in secondary school and more than 1000 in the elementary school). A visit by UniReach board members and donors in March of 2010 showed clearly the positive impact the playground is having in this community.







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