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About Us


Purpose Statement


UniReach International delivers vital resources to those suffering human need around the world. We envision the creation of multiple partnerships that transform communities by their presence and provision of humanitarian aid.


Who is UniReach?

UniReach International exists to deliver vital health care and educational resources for children, women, the poor and the sick around the world.

Projects include providing medical equipment, supplies and training; construction of dormitories, classrooms and clinics at schools for handicapped children; clean water; and micro-enterprise loans.

UniReach accomplishes its purposes by creating partnerships between governmental leaders and American humanitarian and religious organizations.

Although UniReach is relatively new having been formed in 2002, UniReach personnel have a more than ten-year history of humanitarian work. Governmental officials who genuinely care about their own people – especially children, women, the sick and the poor have been identified. Relationships with these caring and influential governmental officials and leaders have been carefully cultivated. A deep, mutual trust serves as the foundation for partnerships resulting in significant projects.

UniReach International is a public benefit charity supported by tax-deductible donations, grants and the service of volunteers. It’s staff and Board all serve as volunteers thereby maximizing the effect of every gift and grant.







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